Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sparkles Everywhere

On Wednesday 17 we unveiled the new sculpture Spare parts in the Sphere by Cass Samms at a sparkling event at sunset.. The magnificent aluminium sphere, which floats over the garden under our much love Golden Rain tree was commissioned by the Gallery Foundation to celebrate their first five years of operation.
The company was glittering and the conversation flowed as people enjoyed the beauty of the new sculpture.
Inspiration for Spare Parts in a Sphere comes from shapes found in nature, especially insects. The lacework like construction of the piece hi-lights the negative spaces and enhances the dappled light falling on the sculpture through the trees. The sculpture is supported by three legs that allow it to float over the surface of the garden like a dream or fantastic apparition.

We are thrilled with our new sculpture by this talented young artist. Cass Samms is one to watch!!!!
Kay Alden George Burkitt Jude McBean & Cass Samms at the Sculpture Launch 17 Feb 10

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