Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 JADA Acquisitions

The announcement of the $15,000 prize and $15,000 of acquisitions was made at the gala opening by the judge of the 2010 JADA Julie Ewington, Curatorial Manager, Australian Art at Queensland Art Gallery. General approval was given by the 130 guests who had gathered in the gallery for the event.

The acquisitions worth at least $15,000 in total were Anna Hoyle’s Lucky Prince and Pretty Princess, Lisa Jones’ Replicator and Miles Hall’s Baignade Rose (out of the dead land).

Anna Hoyle Lucky Prince and Pretty Princess
Lucky Prince and Pretty Princess by Anna Hoyle was the first of three drawings acquired from the JADA. This brassy, playful work aggregates images and media in a busy all over pattern found in wrapping paper or textiles to explore the flashy media driven world of consumer culture. Anna Hoyle, who lives and works in Brunswick in Melbourne, has been a finalist in the JADA since 2004.

Lisa Jones Replicator

The second acquisition, Replicator by Lisa Jones, is a carefully crafted drawing about networks, from internal structures of the human body to the social networks of cyberspace. Lisa, who has lived in Sydney since moving in 2002 from England, sees networks of all types as part of our evolving population.

Miles Hall Baignade Rose (out of the dead land)

Brisbane based artist, Miles Hall, took out the final acquisition with Baignade Rose (out of the dead land), a sensitive and evocative work. Inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem Burnt Norton (Four Quartets), Baignade Rose or red bath or dip was first drawn in charcoal then dipped in pink acrylic to envelope the lower half of the image.

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