Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paranormal Activity - The results are in!!!

Queensland Paranormal Research and Analysis Group ( QPRAG ) have reviewed the data collected during the investigation at the Grafton Regional Gallery and have concluded that there is in fact paranormal activity occurring at the gallery.

The group were fortunate to catch what they call Class 1 EVP's (actual unexplained voices) and a few other strange noises.

During a locked -off period equipment was set up upstairs in prentice house, 2 of devices activated at the same time indicating a presence. Also during this locked off period two of the investigators were sitting quietly downstairs and both heard and recorded a voice as well as other unexplained noises. A recording device set up on the stairs captured a voice and unexplained noises.

Footage captured on an infrared camera while focussed on a candle in the dining room shows the camera moving from air current but the candle itself did not flicker

The conclusion is the Gallery is rated a Category 2 (Paranormal Activity captured but no visual evidence).

For a full write up on what happen during the evening check out Dominic Zietsch's article in the Daily Examiner 8th February 2011

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